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An update on life

Well its been a few months since I’ve posted anything.  Luckily its not because nothing of merit has happened just have been way to busy with my life.  Over the last couple months there have been 2 shows, featuring Portland DJ’s Freddy Funk and Corvallis’ own electro-house duo SpaceChedda.  Both shows were bomb as fuck. Killer sets and lots of dancing equals one epic night.

Pictures for the event can be found here:


Here are some of the sets as well:

NOWA(Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Electro):


DJ Toast(Dubstep, Hip-Hop)


SpaceChedda(Electro-house,Dutch,  Dubstep):


On a more personal note, I have just booked my first show which should be happening on July 8th.  It is the first outdoor rave that Delinquent Brothers Productions(DBP) has ever thrown.  Should be an epic event so everyone should defintly try and make it up to Oregon for the weekend.

If you want a preview of what is to come than here you go


Here’s the link for the event:


Delinquent Brothers Presents Synthetic Pulse

Another week gone by and another party thrown.  This team it was was the new production company in Corvallis known as Delinquent Brothers.  These fine people have decided that its time to bring the race scene Corvallis and have begun promoting and throwing underground warehouse style raves.  Synthetic Pulse was the second rave they had ever thrown and it was the definition of Epic.  Whether it was the 20 in sub, or the two twin 18in jbl speakers being powered by the 7000 watt amp.  As far as the DJ’s go we of course had our featured friends DJ Spacecase and Chedda Bob playing a 2 hour set.  Also some kids come up from Ashland, NOWA, DJ Toast, and Potent C all of which threw down.  The nice part about this rave was that it wasn’t just pure dubstep all day.  All the DJ had different style to bring the table.  Potent C was featuring a lot of drum and bass which was a good opener cause it got people up and moving.  After Potent was DJ Spacecase and Chedda Bob.  They opened with the electro-house and dirty dutch and with some beautiful satisfaction remixes worked there way into dubstep.  After NOWA came and threw some heavy dub our way and boy did everybody get DOWN. Than Dj Toast finished off with some hip hop flavored electronic music which was a great way to close the night.  All in all i would say a job well done and I believe that Corvallis is definetly on its way to being put on the race scene map.  Of course what made the night the greatest was having yours truly photgraph the event.  To see pictures from the even head to my facebook page and check em out.

Contrary to popular belief Eugene throws down

This past weekend I was lucky enough to take part of one crazy adventure.  Two of my good friends, Sean Marler and Jimi Griffin better known as Dj Space Case and Chedda Bob, were booked to DJ a party down in Eugene, at the Chi Psi fraternity.  Since I happen to have one of the most awesome cars around, yes you guessed it the Toyota Previa(known renamed the Shaggin’ Waggin), I offered to drive them and their equipment down.  Now if you were to walk around the city of Corvallis and ask any random person how the frat parties are in Eugene you would hear something along the lines of, “Dude fuck that place, all their houses are dry and no one ever goes to their parties” or even “Eugene is only cool for house parties”  All I have to say to that is lies and slander!!!!!  Not only was party bangin’ but it refused to ever end.  The set list was perfectly tuned for the type of event.  Walls packed with people until at least 1:30.  When the music was cut, all you could hear were the loud screams of upset drunk people wanting more.  So they delivered, even though the party was suppossed to be over at 2, the music didn’t stop till at least 2:30.  After the obligations were filled than the real party started.  All Chi Psi members decided to make it their personal mission to get us as hammered as possible as a thank you for their party and oh did we accept.  As the sun started rising we decided it was time to turn in and get ready for the drive home.  Since I happen to bring my camera I took plenty of pictures to put in this fine blog of mine.




If your curious to see just how hard these two dj’s throwdown come to Odd Fellows Hall this Saturday because they will be doing a 2 hour set that will blow your mind.

Bulletproof (Hyper Crush Remix) – La Roux

So I’ve gotten tired of just throwing songs onto facebook and than having no way of accessing them after the leave recent activity so I’ve now moved it to wordpress.  Now it won’t bother people that aren’t really that interested and I will have a constant on going archive.  Here’s the first one:

A new road appears

Today I received probably one of the greatest facebook posts of all time.  My best friend since second grade just dropped my dream job in my lap.  A link to work for an event planner that specializes in throwing electronic concerts and raves.  This is a job that if someone said hey come work for us I would drop out and do it in a heart beat.  This is the exact direction I want my life to go. Im sending in the application today. Hopefully it all pans out, more to come as i hear more

A summary of months past

I’m a 21 year old business student about to graduate community college.  I should be excited, taking the next step towards adult-hood, towards becoming a well mannered contributor to society.  Yet I find myself feeling “meh”. All I can think about is getting out of school and moving on with my life.  I don’t mean get out school like graduate in 2 years, I mean get out now. I’m constantly trying to look for the next big thing, the next “facebook” as they might say but I have yet to find it.  Lately the two things I have been the most stoked on is snowboarding and electronic music movement.  Thats what I will be focusing the blog on.  It will be a sort of memoir as I travel deeper and deeper into the business and recreational side of these two things.

I have been doing the snowboard instructor thing for 2 months now.  That is 2 months of actual working, doesn’t include the 2 weeks of training we had to go through before the break.  I have come to one major realization, “Don’t become a snowboard instructor if your poor”  Now I’m not saying that they don’t pay you, well if you consider minimum wage and barely 4 hours a week pay.  But there is a definite shortage of cash of the front end.  I mean first you have to go to training for a minimum of 4 days.  Now this is 4 days of no pay but free snowboarding.  It was basically like taking a lesson for 4 days for free.  Now that doesn’t sound that bad at first but when you start to factor in the gas that it takes to get up there in the 4 wheel drive jeep liberty or my personal favorite the 96′ Toyota Previa with no traction tires, we have already spent at least 200 dollars in gas.  On the last day of training we were suppossed to find out who was getting hired and who was making the cut.  Now normally this would be a stressfull situation.  I mean during the whole training process I spent the 4 days hearing our instructor tell me and the other new hires that pretty much everything we were doing was wrong and that we weren’t as good as we thought.  But since there were 10 spots and only 10 people showed up for training I felt my chances were pretty high I was getting hired.  So we began the hiring process which basically just entailed a shit ton of paper work.  It was pretty standard consisted of a application, a w-2, and than the word charges caught my eye.  Sure enough it was a charge sheet.  It was a sheet were you could charge stuff to your employee account and pay the mountain back later.  There were things on it like a meal card or a bus pass, you know optional things.  As I got farther down the page i noticed a uniform charge of $20, which we have to have, a proximity card(secruity card) for $20, and a season pass for $20, and you guessed it have to buy it.  So now i have spent close to $200 in gas, and I know owe the mountain $60.  Needless to say It took me about 2 full paychecks before I paid it back.

Now I know you’re thinking, “Bryant, why didn’t you just quit?”  Two reasons. One, if it wasn’t for this job I wouldn’t be snowboarding at all.  Two, our clinician, that is the guy that trains us, happens to be on of the best snowboard instructors in the country.  Just spending 4 days with this guy is training valued at over$450 that we received for free.  But without money being put in my pocket it was very hard to keep my interest.  So I was forced to turn to other means of finding ways to get “paid” out of this job.  For example, taking advantage of the fact that I’m able to go to any mountain in the pacific northwest for free.  I have already spent 3 days at Mt. Batchelor, 1 day at Timberline, and planning many more.  Let’s also not forget the improvement in my riding.  When I entered this job I was an intermediate rider that thought i was the best.  I mean I could get down the double black diamonds at Park City, UT and mash down the backcountry bowls.  But after spending a few days at the job I discovered theres being able to get down the run and theres being able to get down the run looking good.  My freestyle riding is where the real improvement has shown.  Starting this job I could ollie pretty much an jump but i wasn’t trying to go big or anything and I definetly wasn’t hitting any rails.  Now I’m prepping myself to get ready to enter a railjamp competition and can slam down 360’s and working on 540’s.  The improvement curve while have this job has been great

Luckily I landed a second job at Oregon State University washing dishes and that jobs actually pays me money so its been pretty much supporting me.  But we won’t go into detail there its fairly boring.  It did however make is possible for me to buy a new turntable and mixer so more on the music aspect of life soon


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